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The Fairy Dance - Trow Wife dancing the Monster Mash under a spotlight in a tomb.

Dance of the big fairy – outtake

Dance of the big fairy – outtake Central to the story of The Fairy Dance is, of course, a scene featuring dancing “fairies” (also known as Trows in Orcadian folklore). The video below contains an ‘alternate take’ of a Trow wifie with the spotlight on her as she dances the Monster Mash inside a chambered…
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August 19, 2021 0
The Fairy Dance, cairn in the snow. Animation still frame.

The Fairy Dance – timelapse animation

The Fairy Dance is a forthcoming animation by Orcadian artist Martin Laird inspired by a folk tale about a fiddle player who entertains “the peerie folk”. These are music-loving goblin-like creatures thought to live in the mounds which scatter the landscape of Orkney (in reality neolithic chambered cairns, of which the most well-known is Maeshowe).…
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August 18, 2021 0